WW2 POW Camp Sandbach

After making a post about the Weston camp in Crewe I have already started planning some visits of other local sites where POWs were held during and post WW2.  I was aware of prisoners working around my local town of Sandbach but there is little information about this online.  The best accounts I have sourced are in Mark Tyrrell’s book Embracing the Enemy. Both the Crewe Hall camp 191 and the satellite camp in Warmingham are well documented, I was also aware that there was some other sites around Sandbach but exactly where, I wasn’t sure.  A Facebook discussion sparked my interest further when someone mentioned a gift/keepsake (feature image of ship in a bottle) made by the local POW’s who were in Sandbach.  The discussion started and some useful local sources speculated that the exact location of the camp was on and around Sandbach Heath park next to the M6 motorway. Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 20.10.18

The 1945 arial map confirmed that before the development of the many houses in the area there wasScreen Shot 2014-12-21 at 19.16.08 something on the land which although difficult to decisively say looks like a very small camp, which isn’t there now and the local features have definitely changed shape since then.

After posting the images to confirm something was there, another poster claimed that one of the huts could recently still be viewed at the back the houses that were built many years after the camp stood there.  Google earth street view appeared to show a building from the correct time period although not a Nissen hut in the correct location.  A relative of the resident who owned the hut resembling a camp building then stated that the building was part of the POW camp in Sandbach heath but it hasn’t been there for some years now. Although there is no longer any traces of the camp we can now decisively say where the location of the Sandbach Heath camp was during and post WW2.  It may be common knowledge to an older generation but I can’t find anything about the camp online so thought it would be useful for future reference to document online.  If anyone has any more pictures, stories or objects related to the camp in Sandbach then please get in touch.  Also, if you know someone who was a child in the area at the time the camp still existed and can help with recording more information about the camp by recollecting their memories then please get in touch.


5 responses to “WW2 POW Camp Sandbach

  1. I’ve just been reading you article about the POW camp at Sandbach Heath, I was a pupil at St John’s primary School from 1967 onwards next to were the camp was, I can remember that the buildings were all there then although it was over grown. I can remember there was a Watch Tower made of wood (I think), It remained intact untill the houses were built around the early 1970’s. You are right about the one building that was left. I’ve looked before on the internet but this is the first mention of camp I have found. Many thanks Peter.

    • Hi Peter, Thanks for the comment. Would love to see or find pics of the camp but haven’t been able to locate any yet. Its a very interesting subject. I mention it a lot, but if you are interested in the subject well worth grabbing a copy of ’embracing the enemy’ its a great book that mentions Sandbach and the surrounding areas although not so much specific locations of the camp thats where your local knowledge really helps.

  2. Also a POW camp in Hassall, according to my father in law. Take the A534 out of Sandbach, on entering Winterley, turn Left (opposite The Holly Bush pub) into Hassall Road. Continue until you reach a long bend with “Cheshire Railings” on the Left. (Once round the bend, there is one farm also on the Left and, one opposite). There is then a short straight and, with a PostBox on the Right. The POW camp was in the field on the Right. (According to my Father in Law, again, it was built to house Italian POWs). PS: Have you listened to Blaster Bates and, his tale Shower of SxxT Over Cheshire?

    • Hi, Thanks for the comment and new lead. I don’t live too far from where you have indicated a camp used to be so I’ll go on a walk to investigate tomorrow. I have heard a few Blaster Bates clips on you tube, funny and he does get a few mentions of Sandbach in

      • Pleased to be of help and, good luck. I must admit, I used to travel about and, around the Sandbach area during my job (Postman, in van, rural delivery(s) but, as far as POW camps go, never heard of any more. All the best!

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