POW Camp Weston Layout

The wonders of modern technology, specifically google earth combined with some local knowledge from the previous owner of Snape farm have enabled me to specifically label the function of each and every building at the Weston camp.

Mr Williamson the (previous owner of Snape farm) was just a lad when a POW camp was placed on his Father’s land.  The owner at the time had very little choice in the matter and although receiving payment and an electricity source (at the time this was rare in rural locations) for the inconvenience of this arrangement, it really was an expectation from farmers at the time to support the war effort by allowing requisition of their land.

One of the owners main frustrations was not just the occupied land but the fact that the actual POW camp actually came right up to the farmhouses lawn and as you can see from the overhead it couldn’t have been any closer really.  This camp held between 200-300 prisoners at any one time so there was big culture shock for the locals in this small country village.

In 2006 two of the larger now missing buildings were dismantled and transported to be used in building an extension to existing Nissen huts at the Sywell Aviation Museum in Northampton.

Dotted lines indicate buildings or huts which are no longer at the camp.

Information for the building overlays obtained from the book ‘Embracing the Enemy’  and the sketched plans of the camp from previous third generation Snape Farm owner John Williamson.


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