About H-UG

History UnderGround recognises and uncovers locations with historical significance and landmarks or items associated with these areas. Respectfully locating items or landmarks is often a key factor in linking a sites previous history to specific events from both recent times right up to thousands of years ago.

Cheshire-south-east-saxton-map-1577Finding key locations by researching areas is vital, so blog posts will be a collection of:

  • Summaries of local reports which highlight areas of significance
  • Comparisons of new and old images / maps
  • Personal stories and accounts
  • Location visits with a metal detecting finds diary

If you are a historian, archeologist, urban explorer or metal detector and have an interesting story to share about your local area or recent discoveries then please get in touch to about contributing a feature publication on the site.  If you can add further information to improve and provide further insights to subjects on my blog then don’t hesitate to get in touch.  At times I understand discretion regarding specific locations or personal identity is required and this will be fully supported and exact locations or names will not be revealed.